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Bürkert – vždy nablízku
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    • Hlavní kancelář
      Burkert Austria GmbH – odštěpný závod
      Branch-Office of Austria
      Krenova 35
      602 00 Brno
      Telefon +420 543 25 25 05
      Fax +420 543 25 25 06
      E-Mail bopubq@ohexreg.pm
      Website http://www.burkert.cz/
    • Hlavní kancelář
      Burkert Austria GmbH
      Diefenbachgasse 1-3
      1150 Vienna
      Telefon +43 1 8941333
      Fax +43 1 894 1300
      E-Mail vasb@ohrexreg.ng
      Website http://www.buerkert.at/
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  • Centrála
  • Systémový dům
  • Distributor
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  • Rostlina
  • Logistické centrum

My Bürkert Customer Portal

Take advantage of the numerous features at My Bürkert - log in now and enjoy the benefits!


Register today or login to enjoy the numerous benefits of the refreshed My Bürkert customer portal!


Your advantages at a glance

✓ Design refreshment
The portal is set up in an "easy to navigate" dashboard design. Enriched by new icons, our new customer area has also been adapted to the new basket and checkout area of the eShop so that the user has a simple and recurring user experience.

✓ New section "My Quotes"
The brand-new "My Quotes" section in My Bürkert allows you to generate a summary of items from your basket or wish list. All quotes associated with your account are visible, this includes self-created quotes or ones generated by a Bürkert employee.

✓ Restructured "My Services" section
Here you can obtain a quote for services including repair or calibration, book an on-site service, arrange a return, review reports of recent services and leave feedback.

✓ New mobile version
Stay up to date with MyBürkert at all times on mobile devices. The MyBürkert area features the latest mobile design and user-friendly functions, so that you can quickly and easily call up all the data in your customer area even when you are on the move.

✓ Faster and more powerful
New developments let the systems work more powerful and efficiently so that you reach your goals more quickly!

Take a look at our new My Bürkert Overview video:

For more information on some specific My Bürkert areas please also see the following new videos explaining benefits and features in more detail: 


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